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our values


We care…

AVT LIVE Entertainment Group offers a creative community, and we care about all the individuals who make up our family of like-minded trainers and students. We care about creating a meaningful, memorable, enriching and edifying experience for every person who engages with our organisation.

  • We go the extra mile for our people.

  • We pay attention to their needs and try to meet everyone where they are at.

  • We listen to feedback.

  • We are always willing to grow and develop as the needs of our people evolve.

  • We put ourselves in our people's shoes.

  • We treat others the way we would like to be treated.

  • We are friendly and kind.

  • We want everyone who engages with us to feel welcome and accepted.


We empower and encourage…

We exist to help our people be the best that they can be. We always strive to see the potential in others, and help them to see it too. We understand that our words and actions are powerful, and we use them wisely to always empower and encourage.

Even when things are not going well, we are careful to address one another with kindness. We never raise our voice in anger, under any circumstance, and we are thoughtful about the words that we use. We always look for ways to build each other up, and we know that focussing on positive aspects diminishes the negatives.  


We have fun while working hard…

We love to have fun, and we love to work hard, and we thinks it's best when we do both at the same time. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and are always looking for the joy in what we do. Getting the job done well is as important to us as smiling while we do it. Our passion is also our profession, so we don't mind working hard because we love it. We derive our fun from getting the job done.


We are respectful and gracious…

We know the value of providing an environment where everyone can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and seek to always create a harmonious environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. We respect the unique attributes and perspectives of our people, and we rely on these diverse perspectives to help us grow, evolve and strengthen our community.

We respect each other's differences, and know that not everybody works the same way. We embrace the diversity of our community, and we work hard to make sure everyone feels respected and welcome. We choose kindness, and we give better than we receive.


We are passionate…

Passion is the fuel that powers our organization.

Our people are committed, dedicated and excited about what they do.

We don't see our work as a job - we see it as an extension of who we are.

We know that passion breeds passion - when we feel excited and joyful about our work, it sparks the same kind of joy and excitement in others.

Passion is the common thread that binds our community together -we are passionate about the arts, about pursuing that passion and helping others to as well.



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