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statement of purpose


Our vision…

To be a leading provider of live entertainment experiences and arts training and development opportunities.


Our mission….

To create high-quality entertainment experiences for audiences and enriching arts training opportunities for emerging artists.


Our Goals….

  • Produce high quality, accessible, entertainment experiences

  • Offer training & development opportunities to emerging artists

  • Nurture young artists in their passion for the performing arts

  • Develop audience and general public awareness and enjoyment of the company’s artistic endeavours

  • Demonstrate leadership by supporting the like-minded endeavours of artists and companies within the entertainment industry


Our values….

  • We will always seek to be the best we can be.

  • We will seek to maximise the artistic and financial success of every creative opportunity.

  • We will foster emerging artists by creating challenging training, performance, public exposure and employment opportunities.

  • We will ensure our process is as good as our product by nurturing our artists and employees and by providing a positive working environment.

  • We will deliver exemplary service to our supporters, and seek to provide entertainment experiences that they will find entertaining and enriching.

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